Our Approach

Four areas define our approach to making successful outcomes for our customers: collaborative innovation, continuous quality excellence, sound science support and worldwide servicing.

Collaborative innovation

Our journey to develop the bionutrient products of the future will be done in close collaboration with other parties. Throughout the company’s history we have successfully partnered with like-minded organisations to unlock new opportunities. This ability to collaborate and create sustainable commercial partnerships has been integral to the success of both ourselves and our customers.

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Continuous Quality Excellence

We have an excellent track record in such critical food safety categories as infant nutrition and we strive to achieve continuous quality excellence that meets customers’ expectations and enhances brand reputations. The focus on quality goes beyond systems and standards, we have embedded quality and food safety at the heart of our company culture.

Our quality assurance policies apply to both our own production facilities and all our suppliers, meeting international protocols regarding food safety diagnosis and control. They cover all the purchasing, production and distribution processes.

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Worldwide servicing

Wherever our customers reside, we can service them. From our base in Australia, the Bega Cheese group services customers in more than 40 countries and exports more than 60 million units of food products. We have the logistics experience to transport and track product safely across the world, whether the product is ambient, chilled or frozen. This gives us significant expertise in meeting food import documentation requirements in major regions of the world, especially Asia, Middle East, Europe and North America. So no matter where our customers may be based, we have an efficient supply chain solution.

Sound supporting science

Sustainable product success relies on having solid evidence to back up product claims, for regulatory oversight, health industry and consumer credibility. Our bionutrent products are made from ingredients backed by scientific research. This supports customers’ regulatory approval processes and speeds up development and marketing timelines.

Through our applications development, we have technological insight into how our ingredients perform in a variety of final product applications and formats. We also co-sponsor research with customers to open up new opportunities, allowing greater product differentiation and greater returns on new product development.