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The Essence of Milk for Bright and Youthful Skin

Sentin™ Complex is a unique combination of proteins from milk including skin nourishing enzymes, specialty growth factors and cell signaling peptides that work synergistically to even tone, reduce the visible signs of aging and improve the overall appearance of skin.

Sentin™ Complex is produced from fresh Australian pasture fed cow’s milk. The milk is collected from the lush dairy farms of the Goulburn Valley that supply Bega Bionutrients and is processed within 24 hours to ensure freshness is maintained. A sophisticated, low temperature process is then used to extract Sentin™ Complex from milk before it is freeze dried into a powder ensuring the components of Sentin™ Complex are preserved in their native, bioactive state.

The unique components of Sentin™ Complex can support growth of skin cells1, reduce melanin secretion2, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles3

Sentin™ Complex is clinically researched:
9/10 participants experienced an overall improvement in skin after using Sentin™ Complex

Sentin™ Complex may be used in products for;
Sentin™ Complex is well suited for use in a range of cosmetic products including serums, creams and lotions for:

  • Anti-aging
  • Anti-aging
  • Even tone
  • Blemish and redness reduction
  • Lightening and brightening
  • Skin conditioning
  • Age-spot treatment


1In vitro study – Evaluation of the effect of Sentin Complex vs control on fibroblast proliferation (2016).Data on file.

2In vitro study – Evaluation of the effect of Sentin Complex vs control on melanin synthesis by melanocytes stimulated with α-MSH (2016).Data on file.

3Controlled study for the evaluation of the efficacy and tolerability of a topical treatment designed to improve facial skin ageing (2017). Data on file.

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