About us

Bega Bionutrients is part of the Bega Cheese Group. Started in 1899, Bega Cheese Group is now one of Australia’s leading food companies, listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

We began producing bionutrients in 2002 with Tatura Lactoferrin and have grown to be one of the largest lactoferrin suppliers in the world.

Why work with us?
Collaborative innovation

Collaborative innovation often yields the best results, where both
organisations share ideas and effort to solve the development challenge.
We have taken this approach with many customers to unlock new
opportunities and create sustainable commercial partnerships.

Security of supply

Bega Cheese collects and processes more than 700 million litres of milk
into dairy products at multiple sites across Australia. This gives us high
quality, continuous milk and whey streams from world class production

Continuous Quality Excellence

Your brand is a valuable asset. We have an excellent track record in critical
food safety categories such as infant nutrition, protecting customers
brand reputations through our continuous quality excellence.

Our quality assurance policies apply to both our own production facilities
and our suppliers, meeting international protocols for food safety
diagnosis and control

Worldwide servicing

Wherever our customers reside, we can service them. From our base in
Australia. the Bega Cheese group services customers in more than 40
countries and exports more than 6o million units of food products. We
have the logistics experience to transport and track product safely across
the world. whether the product is ambient, chilled or frozen.

Backed by scientific research

Our products are backed by scientific research. This supports customers’
regulatory approval processes and speeds up development and
marketing timelines. We will also co-sponsor research with customers to
open up new opportunities, or potentially greater product differentiation and higher returns on new product development.

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