About us

Bega Bionutrients is part of the Bega Cheese Group. Started in 1899, Bega Cheese Group is now one of Australia’s leading dairy companies, listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

At Bega Bionutrients we aim to improve the health and wellbeing of people through delivering innovative bionutrient products.

Bionutrients are nutrients that have bioactive properties and are used to support health, physical performance and wellbeing at various life stages. We source the best of nature’s nutrients, then process them to maximise their health potential. We work with our customers and partners to develop products with the right quality, scientific backing and performance to realise market success.

We began producing bionutrients in 2002 with Tatura Lactoferrin and have grown to be one of the largest lactoferrin suppliers in the world. Bega Cheese collects and processes milk into dairy products at multiple sites across Australia. This gives us a high quality, continuous milk and whey streams from world class production sites, to develop our range of dairy bionutrients from. This in house processing also enables the adaptation and development of products to suit specific customer requirements.

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