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Novel microencapsulated lactoferrin for expanded applications and benefits

Lactoferrin has many well-researched benefits, however practical ways to access them can be limited as lactoferrin is sensitive to harsh conditions such as those found in the stomach. Bega Bionutrients have solved this with Inferrin®.

Inferrin® utilizes patented microencapsulation technology to protect lactoferrin from chemical attack by the acids and digestive enzymes in the stomach, while releasing it in the small intestine so that it can be more biologically available and effective.

Inferrin® also improves the stability of lactoferrin, which broadens the potential dietary supplement and food products that can leverage the benefits of lactoferrin.

Clinical research shows that Inferrin® protects lactoferrin from degradation in the stomach and supports a healthy immune and digestive system, and gut microbiome1. Inferrin® is safe and well tolerated.

Inferrin® applications include;

  • Proprietary microencapsulated lactoferrin
  • Controlled release
  • Clinically researched benefits
  • Australian made

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Inferrin® applications include;

  • Dietary supplements
  • Food and beverages
  • Life stage nutritional powders
  • Animal health products

1Bioavailability of bovine lactoferrin after a novel microencapsulation process and its effect on inflammatory markers and the gut microbiome. 2017

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