Personal Care and Cosmetics

Natural ingredients to support beautiful, healthy skin.

Whether you are looking for naturally sourced ingredients with skin benefits or help with bionutrients formulation guidance, Bega Bionutrients offers solutions for personal care and cosmetics with a range of proprietary milk derived ingredients.

Bega Bionutrients

Bega Bionutrients specialty ingredients for personal care and cosmetics are highly effective, derived from natural sources and can be formulated for topical application, nutricosmetic supplements and functional foods.

Bega Bionutrients latest innovation, Sentin Complex™, is a premium ingredient derived from milk that helps reduce skin pigmentation, age or UV-damage related spots and blemishes, and stimulates the proliferation of collagen forming skin cells.

Bega Bionutrients products are derived from natural sources with strong, positive consumer associations, have excellent safety profiles and are well researched.

Bega Bionutrients ingredients serve a range of personal care and cosmetic applications including:

  • Facial and body care cleansing, moisturising, firming, calming, natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial actions.
  • Pigmentation control lightening, brightening, helping reduce the appearance of UV damage related skin changes and retaining younger looking skin.
  • Nutricosmetics and supplements supporting beautiful skin from the inside; pimple and redness reduction.

Have a special concept needing a new ingredient but haven’t found it? We are in continuous development of new products and applications that may be suitable. Contact us to discuss more about your needs.