What are bionutrients

Bionutrients are nutrients taken from various natural sources and have bioactive properties. Bioactive means they have an effect on, interaction with, or response from living tissue. They are ingredients used to support health, physical performance and well being at various stages in people’s lives.

Bionutrients are an exciting area of research and development. The understanding of the functional properties of bionutrients is constantly growing, offering a myriad of new ways people can improve their health through what they eat.

There is a flood of information on the internet about the efficacy and function of certain bionutrients. Deciphering what has real evidence versus wishful thinking and popular myth is hard to do. For people who are not medical professionals, the best peace or mind on what you’re buying and using the product for is to choose products from a reputable seller, with well—known brands, that have passed the relevant regulatory authority tests. For a bionutrient to be approved for a particular claim, it has to pass stringent evidence tests by these regulatory authorities, who are after all there to protect consumer health.

This section of the website contains information of what may be future uses of bionutrients. Many of the areas being investigated are at an early research stage and the final research results may differ or prove inconclusive.

This information is meant for general interest only, not a detailed analytical overview, nor medical advice. If you have specific health questions, please consult a medical professional.

This information with be updated as new research news comes to light.