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New study shows lactoferrin may help with school gastroenteritis

School gastroenteritis is no laughing matter. It means major disruptions on children, families and teachers. A new large scale study of preschool children in Japan compared kids that were fed yoghurt containing lactoferrin to a control group that wasn’t. The study saw a 49% reduction in absent days from school from gastroenteritis. This is welcome … Continue reading "New study shows lactoferrin may help with school gastroenteritis"

New Inferrin® assists in delivering the benefits of lactoferrin

Bega Bionutrients is launching Inferrin®, a form of microencapsulated lactoferrin. The microencapsulation can help deliver the benefits of lactoferrin by protecting it from degradation in conditions found in the stomach. Inferrin® opens up new benefits and applications for lactoferrin based products including foods and dietary supplements. An initial pilot clinical trial on Inferrin® has shown … Continue reading "New Inferrin® assists in delivering the benefits of lactoferrin"

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