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Bega Bionutrients Lactoferrin gains novel food status in Europe.

Bega Bionutrients Lactoferrin, produced by Tatura Milk Industries Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bega Cheese Ltd, has been recently granted novel food status in Europe and is available for sale.

The decision of the authority assessing the application states: ‘…that the bovine lactoferrin produced by Tatura Milk Industries of Australia is substantially equivalent to bovine lactoferrin already authorised for the EU market with respect to composition, nutritional value, metabolism, intended use and level of undesirable substances.’

Matthieu Arguillere, General Manager Bionutrients added; ‘Our lactoferrin is directly extracted from very fresh, premium quality Australian cow’s milk using gentle methods that preserve the integrity and bioactivity of the protein. Our milk comes from some of the best dairying regions in Australia. Thanks to this high quality production, we have built up a substantial lactoferrin business over the past decade supplying customers throughout Asia and Oceania. This approval opens up a number of exciting new business opportunities in Europe and gives European customers a new source of well-established, high quality lactoferrin for their products.’

Lactoferrin is used in a number of food products, including infant nutrition, supplements and lifestyle nutrition products.

Bega Bionutrients is a manufacturer and supplier of specialty health and nutrition ingredients. Our aim is to improve the health and wellness of people through delivering innovative bionutrient products. Bega Bionutrients is a division of Bega Cheese Limited, one of Australia’s largest dairy companies, listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

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