Our Partners

Bega Bionutrients prides itself on partnering with ingredient companies that share the same passion for providing the best bionutrient ingredients backed by scientific evidence.

Abyss Ingredients

Based in Caudan, France, Abyss Ingredients from is a leading manufacturer of scientifically supported health ingredients from fish for the supplement, food, and cosmetic industries. Bega Bionutrients markets Abyss Ingredients products in Australia and New Zealand. Abyss Ingredient market Bega Bionutrient products in Western Europe.


Phytonet AG

Phytonet AG is an independent consulting company operating in the pharmaceutical, supplement and food industries with headquarters in Switzerland and Malaysia. Founded in 2009 by Dr Cem Aydogan and a group of experienced experts whose backgrounds span various segments. Phytonet AG markets Bega Bionutrient products in Eastern Europe, Turkey, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Lalilab Inc.

Based in Durham, North Carolina, Lalilab Inc. sources and distributes innovative ingredients for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cosmetic industries, with a special emphasis on introducing and developing new ingredient. Lalilab Inc. markets Bega Bionutrient products in the USA.

Our Research and Development Partners

Our ongoing collaboration with our research and development partners are expanding the future possibilities of where bionutrients can add value to health and well being.